With so many businesses going online and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars trying to attract customers to their brand, the demand for people with digital marketing or ad operations skills has increased.

online advertising

Therefore, if you want to get a job in a very competitive labor market, you should consider knowing more about online advertising.

This article will educate you on online advertising and different jobs that are available as well as their potential pay.

Why you should Consider Ad Operations Jobs

1. What are remote ad ops jobs?

Ad operations can best be described as systems and procedures that provide support for the sale and delivery of online marketing. Typically, ad ops is meant to be under its own department, but in most organizations this position falls under the information technology or sales operations department.

On the other hand, a remote ad job is advertisement work carried out of office. It primarily focuses on the improvement of operations. Ad op can also be done at home as long as you have the required advertisement materials – this could either be hardware or software used by the digital platform.

2. What jobs are available in ad operations?

Ad operations jobs have been in existence for a while now. During the ‘90s and early ‘00s, affiliate marketing was the norm for any business that was in the field of sales. This was the time ad op was well implemented.

Over the years, the ops careers have evolved and included a variety of positions:

• Ad manager
• Ad coordinator
• Ad specialist
• Digital ad trafficker
• Ad sales director

3. What is online advertising operations?

It is a process that involves carrying out customer assessment and implementing new ad campaigns for effective marketing. It mostly focuses on improving the online user experience. Advertising operations can be done both offline and online.

4. How much do advertising operations jobs pay per year?

An advertisement operations job can pay quite well. Based on data if you’re a manager, you can make roughly $60,000 per year. An ad ops salary ranges between $40000 to $80000 per year. However, this may vary from state to state, and the range in St. Petersburg, Florida is between $43,667 to $85,084.

The average ad operations coordinator salary is $52,236 per year in California. In New York, that figure climbs to $57,386 per year. The national average ad ops specialist salary is $52,477 per year.

In most cases, an ad operations coordinator salary is almost similar to that of an ad ops specialist salary because the roles complement one another. An ops job meaning basically revolves around digital marketing.

5. What are the qualifications to get a remote advertisement operations job?

An advertisement operations job can demand a lot from you. You have to possess background knowledge on advertising through different social media channels.
Even though some companies may require you to have a business related college degree, you can get an advertisement operations job or into that industry without it. An ops job meaning doesn’t revolve around academic qualifications. It’s more of what you can do with the skills that you have.

You have to show enthusiasm and passion. If you have done some personal projects that revolve around digital marketing, you increase your chances of getting the job by showing the interviewers your portfolio. A good example is an online ad campaign that you launched for a specific brand.

To enjoy that ad ops salary, you have to prove that you actually deserve the position.

How do you hire a head of ad ops?

When it comes to recruitment in ops careers, there are certain standard procedures that need to be observed. You have to clearly state the roles and responsibilities of that position. You also have to state the minimum requirements for anyone interested in applying for this position.
After you have received all the applications, you have to screen them and shortlist those that meet most of the requirements. You can then schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates.

During the interview, you need to ensure that your potential head of advertisement ops is capable of leading a marketing team and adhering to the pressure. An ideal leader in this field needs to be able to give math ops answers when required. It has to be an individual that understands the question, what is an ops position?

6. How are the working hours?

The law states that the standard working hours should be maintained at 8 hours per day. The good thing about advertisement operations is that you may work for about 6-8 hours a day depending on the rate of work. Most workers in this field get ample rest and are proactive throughout the day.

7. What is the vacation policy like?

vacation policy

In all honesty, most employers prefer to have their employees work throughout the year with little to no breaks. However, a position in advertising operations allows you to get leave off work for a period of about 3-4 weeks, but only after working for at least a year.

8. What benefits does the company provide?

Apart from health insurance and other worker benefits provided by the company, a career in ad op can be quite satisfying and knowledgeable.

One of the main advantages of this job is that you acquire new skills and learn more than you already know. In addition, you’ll learn how to handle digital platforms and software as well as solve crucial problems. You’ll also get the chance to work with a team and improve your interpersonal skills.

9. What are the recommended internet browsers when applying for open roles?

internet browsers

If you are interested in getting into this career, you can use Google Chrome browser to find the latest news on open positions in advertising operations.

10. How much does a digital advertising operations manager make per year?

As mentioned earlier, a manager can earn $60,000 and above. The national median salary is $67,480. The bonus perks for this job position average around $9,826. If you are lucky enough to land a managerial advertising ops position at a blue chip company, your annual basic pay can rise to around $88,000.



If someone asked you what is an ops position would you explain without referring to this article? We are already in the digital world. There will come a time when all of advertising is done online. Familiarize yourself with different terms used in online marketing. Find out more about math ops answers and be among the few that actually make an impact in the field of digital marketing.