If you haven’t already, you need to start implementing the power of Exit Intent popups. Why? In order to answer this question, you must first understand what exit intent popups are!

These pop ups display a message announcing a promotion, a discount, free delivery, additional information, an opt-in form, or any message of your choice just before the visitor clicks the close button.  

The popup software determines the purpose of your guest’s visit as it tracks their behaviors. It responds to the activities displayed by the user’s actions with a unique message or special offer specifically geared to the web browser’s interest. For instance, if they have read a blog post, a message can appear that offers a product discount relevant to the content they read, or recommend additional related content.

You should design these popups to advocate for each unique feature of your e-commerce sites which will increase your conversion rate. They are your final opportunity to keep potential customers on your website, blog post or social media page.  You must offer something of value that gives the visitor a compelling reason to stay, instead of leave.


How Effective Are Exit Intent Popups At Lead Generation?

Internet marketers in all industries use exit popups because they work.  This exit intent technology has a 5 to 10% greater conversion rate than traditional popups.  The popup needs to make sense and should not annoy your guest. They should only appear just before they push the close button.

Popups should never be a substitute for a well-designed website.  To create the most effective popups, study the behaviors of your visitors.  Adapt the popup behavior to respond accordingly. With exit intent software you can drill down to a deeper level in your niche similar to a sales presentation.

Whether they have clicked on a specific product, read a blog post, or explored your services tab, these actions all show an interest. Exit intent software gives the shopper time to view your site and does not interfere until they are ready to leave. Building on the information they have given to you, exit intent targeting grabs their attention with a unique tailored offer.

Your popups must be appealing, persuasive, friendly, clear, and relevant with stunning images, bold print, and suitable animations.  

Above: Mobile Exit Intent Popup Image


Why Should You Use Exit Intent Popups On Your E-Commerce Sites?

You can display a different popup for a new shopper vs. a previous buyer. Engage your visitor and personalize their experience of your business. Not all shoppers are the same. So don’t treat them all the same.

Exit intent technology can convert casual web browsers to buyers if you show them what they want at the right time (when they want it). Sometimes just showing a product or service with a different format will be the ticket to win their business. Try focusing on benefits instead of price.

Perhaps you are working on a new item or project you are certain they would be interested in, but you have not yet finished updating your web pages, this is the time to reveal the exciting news to them.

You have already invested in advertising to bring a potential customer to your business, and you do not want them to leave until you have a way to maintain contact with them. Just before they close your page is your second chance for future contact. Collect their email address by offering a free pdf with valuable information pertinent to their browsing, or offer news of upcoming discounts with a newsletter sign up.

Here is an example of what an effective exit intent popup looks like (Oh, and look! You can add discounts or promotions as bait, to lure website visitors into lead captures, eventually leading to more sales! I mean, come on – everyone loves a good deal).


How Does Exit Intent Technology Work?

It tracks the characteristics of your visitors by their behaviors as they view and interact with your web pages. The software follows and detects the mouse actions of the potential customers.  The actions of their scrolling, hovering, and clicking alerts the web page of the intent of the visitor who came to your site. The popup brings your site alive, and you can zero in on a personal level.    

At just the right moment, exit intent targeting delivers an irresistible promotion that offers something of value based on the interests of the user. Be as creative as your skills allow that will improve your conversion rate. The potential of exit intent strategy allows you to generate an endless variety of popups with a special offer aimed precisely at the needs your visitor has shown you.


Strategic Uses For Exit Intent Technology

There are many different uses for exit intent technology.

Below, you’ll find the most strategic ways you can use exit intent popups:

  • Increase sales and service sign-ups by offering a promotion or a special deal relevant to an interest shown as they were browsing your web pages.  Alert them to a sale of something they showed an interest in, but missed the link to the sales page. Up sell or cross-sell a different but a similar thing based on the potential customers browsing. Introduce a new feature or upgraded technology. Make an offer powerful and different from what you showed on the website.   
  • An opt-in form to sign up for your newsletter is a frequent use. Your newsletter can alert the shopper of periodic sales, special discounts, or exclusive nuggets of information. The purpose is to generate enough interest for future business. Lead generation through a newsletter can cultivate customer loyalty and increase sales with email drip campaigns.
  • Offer extra content of value unique to the visitor with an opt-in form for a free pdf.
  • Give extra incentives with a coupon code or offer a running discount.
  • Offer a free trial or professional tips.
  • Use as a communicating tool to address objections with a short series of questions of their needs for which they did not find a solution on your web pages. Provide a unique offer at the end of the questions.
  • Reduce cart abandonment. Remind the viewer they have placed an item in the cart and suggest they save the cart. Give an offer that will convince a visitor to purchase at a discount rather than abandon the cart. Offer an exchange of a discount coupon for their email address.
  • Show an alert to a price change or availability of an item they viewed.
  • Offer support with a live chat.
  • Provide an invitation to a free webinar, a consultation, an event, or a survey.
  • Show favorable review quotes.
  • If they have made a purchase, ask them to follow you on social media so you can keep them informed of related special offers. Suggest they share their purchase on social media.
  • Exit intent strategies can personalize your lead captures in endless creative ways.
  • Ask for feedback which may help you improve your merchandise, services, and your e-commerce sites. Analysis from your visitors’ behaviors may provide data to improve your business.