Ad space is bought and sold within milliseconds in the world of online advertising.

Due to the fact that affiliates and ad agencies use programmatic buys and real-time bidding platforms to optimize the price they pay for impressions, the data they rely on needs to be just as fast. With Uprival Ad Server, ads can be fully optimized, tracked, and managed.

Below, you can read about all of Uprival’s many features and useful tools.

Whitelabel Solution Easily Manage your Ad Network

With Uprival, you have the ability to customize your client-facing ad server. We give you the freedom to serve up a user interface that fits your brand perfectly. White labeling increases specific brand awareness, helps boost brand awareness and reputation. All this, at just a click of a button. With Uprival, you can manage and deliver your ad campaigns across multiple websites with the ability to use your own custom domain pages.




Advanced TargetingServe your Ads at the right time, to the right audience

Uprival has an advanced targeting feature, designed to help serve your ads at the right time, to the right viewers. You have full control of your target audience, with the ability to select specific countries, cities, device types, IP types, browser types, and more! As if that wasn’t enough, Uprival allows the ability to create custom targeting variables.



Real-Time ReportingMake more informed decisions with dynamic reporting features

One key feature that sets Uprival apart from the competition, is the real-time reporting feature. The only way to pinpoint where you’re wasting ad spending money is by having access to custom, drill-down reports for all of your ad campaigns. This includes the ability to pull reports by country, web browser, device type, and more!

Modern InterfaceModern Design with User Friendly Features

Uprival’s interface provides an experience unlike any other ad server available. The user interface was specifically designed to be easy to navigate and organized in a logical way. Whether you’re a novice, or a full-blown professional, you’ll be able to easily manage your ads within Uprival’s interface.

Infinite ScalingUse the same Ad Tag across multiple sources

Roll up data more easily with Uprival’s infinite scaling feature. Using the same ad tag across multiple traffic sources allows for better report comparisons and ad optimization. In addition, with this feature you have the ability to run millions (even billions) of impressions every month.

All-In-One Ad PlatformCreate, serve, monitor and manage ALL of your ads in one place

Uprival offers the best way to manage all your campaigns within a single platform. Create powerful ads and convert traffic into sales by optimizing your ads to the fullest. An all-in-one ad platform is the easiest and most efficient way to manage your display ads, native ads, video ads, and landing pages. Receive real-time updates with Uprivals time-saving interface.

99.9% Uptime We deliver enterprise level performance

Time is money, and downtime is big money lost. Therefore, limiting website downtime is crucially important. With Uprival, the lights are always on. By using fault tolerant clustered hosting, we are able to deliver true, enterprise level performance with 99.9% availability.


Optimize Ad Campaigns with Ease

Uprival’s extensive list of features has made us the best advertising tool on the market. Hands down. See some of our ad optimizing features below:

Display ads

Display Ads

Uprival offers display ad templates designed for faster brand building, effective targeting, and real-time conversion measuring.

Video Ads

Video advertising is an incredible way to create awareness and lead traffic to your website. Typically, video ads occur before, during and/or after a video stream on the internet. With Uprival, you can create customized, high converting HTML5 video ads using our combination of both video and text elements.  

Native Ads

It is important to understand the nature of native ads. This type of advertising is mostly online, and works by matching the form and functionality of the platform upon which it appears. It can be an amazing ad tool when it is used correctly. Uprival offers native ads to increase conversions and CTR with customizable native ad templates (which can display up to 10 ads at a time, WOW!).

VAST tags

VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. These tags were designed to facilitate and standardize communication between video ad servers and video players. Uprival provides a format for hosting and serving customizable VAST compliant tags with full video ad analytics. You can validate your VAST tags with ease here.

Rich Media

Rich Media is an Internet advertising term for a Web page ad which uses advanced technology ads which interact instantly with the user viewing them. This type of advertising can be incredibly effective when used correctly. Uprival has been proven to increase click through rates and conversions by using rich media and HTML5 ads that interact with the user.

Embed Methods

Embedding ads allows you to take the given ad, or someone else’s ad, and post it on a web page without it redirecting to a seperate web page. For example, if you embed a video ad on your blog, your viewers can watch that video from your blog without it redirecting them to YouTube or Vimeo, or other site. Your websites will capture user attention with Uprival’s embedding methods. Offering various types of overlays, including Exit Intent, Pop Up, Floor, Sidebar, and Interstitial Ads.

Link Tracker

Link tracking is when you track the number of clicks obtained by specific links on your website, on your social media posts, or in your emails. Link tracking is also used to track whether or not people are clicking the links associated with your banner ads. Uprival provides the ability to split test your landing pages and track conversions and clicks, and where they are coming from (Facebook, Adwords, or any other ad network).

Landing Page Hosting

A good landing page hosting service should provide your landing pages with powerful hosting abilities, so that your landing pages never experience hiccups. That is why you need Uprival. Anything you can code in CSS, HTML, or Javascript can be powerfully hosted in Uprival. Anything from third party ad tags to entire web pages.


Experience the flexibility of making changes in your Uprival account automatically, based upon settings and conditions you choose. Never waste ad money again.


Want full control over how often your ads appear in rotation? With Uprival, you’re given full control over your ads and their rotations. Go ahead and set your ads to run more often, or less frequently, in seconds.


Dayparting is the practice of scheduling your advertisement campaigns to run only at certain times, or on certain days, in order to make your ads more appealing and relevant to users. Uprival features Dayparting so you can schedule your ads to serve during peak hours for better visibility.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is an advertising term that means restricting (or capping) the chosen number of times a specific visitor to a website is shown a particular ad. You can limit the exact number of times an ad will show to specific users, which will in turn, increase return for every advertising dollar spent.

split testing display


Split Testing

Split testing is one of the most powerful ways to determine which ads are performing better than others. A/B test campaigns are easy to create with Uprival, and help to decipher which ads or ad groups are performing better, or split test different exchanges and ad networks.


SubID Tracking

A SubID is a string of alphanumeric characters which are generated at the end of a redirect URL. They record user-defined variables. Uprival gives its users the ability to pass up to 5 types of custom alphanumeric data through placement tags for additional targeting or reporting options.

Uprival API

You have the option of using your own solution to manage data on your side with Uprival. At the same time, you are able to use our infrastructure to serve all your campaigns.

Mobile SDK

When it comes to mobile advertising, it is important to have your ads match the look of your app. When you use Uprival, you can fill placements in your mobile app with high-impact interstitial and native ads that will match the look of your app.

Multiple Cost Models

With Uprival, tracking several types of cost metrics for your ads is simple. With the click of a button, you can customize cost metrics such as CPC, CPA, CPM, or FLAT.

Custom Ad Sizes

The IAB, or Interactive Advertising Bureau, sets guidelines and standards for the advertising industry. Uprival supports all IAB standard ad sizes. In addition, we support any custom ad sizes you create. With a single click, you can make your ads the most responsive possible.

User Roles

On a publisher level, you can assign specific control, including allowances and ad approval or disapproval within your Uprival account. You also have the freedom to allow advertisers to upload creatives directly.